tirsdag den 15. maj 2007

PKK om Rothbard

Runes e-mail:

Hvis vi havner på politisk filosofi, kunne det være en ide at invitere Peter Kurrild-Klitgaard. Efter han blev professor, er han vist ikke sådan til at få ud, men prøv at se denne personlige beretning:

»In order to win me over to his ideas Morten also sent me a photocopied copy of Murray Rothbard’s The Ethics of Liberty.


Suddenly everything started coming together. It just seemed my entire new world was right there in that little, unknown book. The premises. The arguments and counter-arguments. The logical implications. Natural law philosophy. A political philosophy of rights and liberty. Economic analysis of market solutions to tough problems. Sophisticated replies to the most prominent counter-points. Aristotle meets Aquinas meets Ayn Rand meets the Austrian School of Economics. The works.

Within a year and a half I had gone from being an ideological loose canon as a statist conservative to embracing hard-core Rothbardian libertarianism. As in most conversions, night had been turned to day and chaos to order. Good guys had become bad guys, and new heroes and friends had been found on the way.

Soon I devoured everything by Rothbard I could get my hands on, and within the next ten years I gathered what I still believe may be the most comprehensive collection of Rothbardiana existing in Scandinavia; I even bought Marty Zupan’s Liberated Cooking just to find out what Rothbard’s favorite dessert was«.

Så nørdet som det lyder, må han næsten kunne lokkes..

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Rune Toftegaard Selsing sagde ...

Jeg synes mit forslag er en god idé...
Men kan du ikke fjerne min pinlige stavefejl i tredje linie?

Lisbet sagde ...

Den er klaret ;)

Mie sagde ...

Ja, det kunne da være super fedt at få PKK ud. Hvordan går det med det? :)